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- Built-In Fan and Humidity Dome

The T24 cloning system is the ideal home cloning machine for first-time users. Lightweight with minimal size, the T24 can easily be transported and stored small places. The T24 comes with a Patented Fan System which helps in reducing water temperature. This T24 kit also comes the recommended vented humidity dome which helps with root growth and development.

  • Fan Speed : 3,600 rpm
  • Pump Flow Rate : 250 gph
  • Reservoir Capacity : 2.00 gallons
  • Manifold Dimensions : 5in L x 4in W x 3in H
  • Package Dimensions : 18in L x 14in W x 10in H
  • Assembled Dimensions : 18in L x 14in W x 17in H
  • Required Electricity : 120 volts
  • Shipping Weight : 8 pounds
  • Unit Weight (Full) : 24.68 pounds

TurboKlone T24 Cloner w/ Built In Fan, Humidity Dome

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