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Produces 6 months of fresh CO2, guaranteed

Experience a 20% - 30% increase in yield

Powered by patented genetics

Requires no maintenance

Made in the USA

Requires no electricity

Produces no heat

The ExHale CO2 Bag

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Features

    Each ExHale bag is created with a purpose, and each feature has a goal. We have designed and refined our bags to 

    withstand the challenges and strains that come with indoor gardening, small to large.

    Breather Patch
    The exhaust port of our bags. The microporous breather patch allows CO2 to exit the bag and also keep contaminants out.
    We use a hardy plastic to resist puncture and subsequently contamination.
    Our substrate is a proprietary formula designed to give the CO2 producing mycelium a food source for the long haul.
    Our mycelium is a patented strain of non-fruiting, high CO2 producing fungi that love bringing nature back to indoor gardens.

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