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Freshwater & Saltwater Aquariums

Low energy pumps can be used for oxygenating aquariums to help promote healthier fish and aquatic plant life, along with helping breakdown fish waste so that it can be collected with the use of a protein skimmer.



- Easy-to-Use Air Pump that aerates Nutrients to Stimulate Root Growth in Hydroponic Gardens

- Quiet, Reliable Operation

- Accepts 3/16" I.D. Airline Tubing
- Adjustable Air Flow

- Great for Indoor Gardening (Hydroponic) Systems

Supreme Oxy-Flo Low Volume AP-8

Excluding Sales Tax
  • AP-8 Specifications
    Air Volume - 549
    Max. Water Depth - 4.5'
    Number of Outlets - 4, Flow Adjustable
    Watts - 7
    Pressure - 0.014 MPa (2.0 psi)

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