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A Daily Dose of Vitamins for Your Plants

Your plants and trees need the right nutrition - and SUPERthrive Ready-to-Use Spray is here to helpThis kelp-enhanced vitamin spray promotes growth and supports plants, from seedling all the way through maturity.

SUPERthrive benefits plants and trees from the inside out. It kick-starts stronger growth, promotes the right chemical balance and even helps with healthy, stress-free transplanting.

The best part? It’s environmentally friendly. SUPERthrive works by boosting your plants' natural building blocks. It's safe, non-toxic and kelp-based.

This has the same beneficial ingredients as our SUPERthrive Vitamin Solution - in a ready-to-use spray form. No messy mixing required.

Pair SUPERthrive and Root Rocket for the perfect combination to help your plants thrive. Use Root Rocket during the initial planting, and add SUPERthrive for a nutrient boost when you plant and again a few months later. 

Professional growers trust this tried-and-true, easy-to-use formula. Get your SUPERthrive Ready-to-Use Spray today, and watch your plants and trees thrive!

SUPERthrive® Vitamin Spray

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