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Extreme Serene is a powerful kelp extract designed to promote vigorous plant growth and improved yields. It includes a vast array of micro nutrients and utilizes organic ingredients. NPK ratio of 0.25-0.1-2


  • Natural source to trigger vigorous plant growth
  • Utilizes marine kelps extremely fast growing abilities that are extracted for other plant use
  • A distinctive blend of amazing plant extracts
  • Promotes fast, healthy plant growth
  • Increases yield potentialIncludes a vast array of micro nutrients
  • A natural wetting agent makes this ideal for use as a foliar spray


NPK ratio: 0.25-0.1-2


Extreme Serene is extracted from the Ascophyllum Nodosum kelp which is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. It utilizes this growing power for other plants and encourages vigorous plant growth. This organic formula includes a natural wetting agent that makes it ideal for use as a foliar spray. Extreme Serene features a wide range of micro nutrients found in the kelp which help to promote healthy growth and improved overall yields. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor plants and can be used with hydroponics, soil based growing, and soilless growing media.


Roots Organics Extreme Serene Kelp Extract (1 Quart)

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