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BuildaSoil Premium Vegan Bloom Booster 2-10-5 

  • AMINO ACID MAGIC: Elevate your gardening game with plumeria fertilizer's unique amino acid formula designed specifically for flowering plants. Our innovative blend unlocks the secret to flourishing blooms like never before. 
  • BLOOMS BEYOND IMAGINATION: Brace yourself for an explosion of colors and fragrances in your garden! With bougainvillea fertilizer, expect your flowers to grow bigger, denser, and sweeter than ever. Experience the joy of a garden in full bloom. 
  • PREMIUM VEGAN INGREDIENTS: We care about the Earth and your plants. Our Rose food is crafted with premium vegan, non-GMO soy amino. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and embrace the power of nature for a greener, healthier garden. 
  • NUTRIENT ACCESSIBILITY: Flower fertilizer magic lies in its ability to make essential nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, and calcium more readily available to your plants. Watch as your flowers absorb these vital elements with ease. 
  • UNLEASH NATURE'S POTENTIAL: Give your flowering plants the nourishment they deserve. Flower fuel amino acid formula revolutionizes the way your garden thrives, offering a blooming experience that's beyond your wildest dreams.

Premium Vegan Bloom Booster

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