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Ever wanted to re-amend your used soil?

This kit was perfectly designed to re-amend your soil after your first grow cycle and every time there after. 

  • Re-amend used soil
  • Great for top dressing
  • Balanced with just enough nutrients and minerals for your used soil

The Re-amend Kit's are measured to fit into a certain # of Cubic Feet of Soil.


Ingredient List:

(We recommend that you apply with Quality Compost or Castings of at least 5% per container which will equal about 1/4 gallon of Castings per every 5 gallons of soil.)

Camelina Meal @ 1/2 Cup Per Cubic Foot

Thorvin Kelp Meal @ 1/2 Cup Per Cubic Foot

Crustacean Meal @ 1/2 Cup Per Cubic Foot

Fish Meal @ 1/2 Cup Per Cubic Foot

Gypsum @ 1/2 Cup Per Cubic Foot


All the ingredients total to 2.5 cups per cubic foot or 5 Tablespoons per gallon if you're trying to break the recipe down.

Nutrient Kit: Re-amend Old Soil

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