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Nectar for the Gods Athena's Aminas (0.5-0-0) 1 Gallon

When using Athenas Aminas, you can expect to see faster, healthier growth, resulting in bigger, more vigorous plants!


Whether used as a soil drench or in hydroponic systems, plants will benefit from hydrolysate-derived Athenas Aminas (0.5-0-0). This organic acid solution can be used on plants in both the vegetative and blooming phases.


Every plant needs certain compounds for growth beyond soil, light, water, and CO2. Athenas Aminas provides a readily available amino acid source of nitrogen to optimize protein production and allow for maximum growth rates. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which are the basic components of living cells.

If not readily available, amino acids can be a limiting factor in growth rates. Plants use amino acids present in the soil, and synthesize them from elements sourced from soil, air, and water. However, plants can generally use more amino acids than they can find or synthesize in their natural environment. If amino acids are not abundant, plant growth slows necessarily to match availability of the most limiting factors. By adding an amino acid source of nitrogen, you enable your plants to build proteins as quickly as they are able.

Nectar for the Gods Athena's Aminas (0.5-0-0)

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