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Myco Chum® Premium Microbe Food 16 fl oz. 1-0-3


Myco Chum is a perfect solution for plant enthusiasts looking to boost the health of their soil, supercharge mycorrhizal fungi, and grow sweeter fruits. Packed with essential sugars and micronutrients, it is the perfect complement to your other plant health products. 

Myco Chum Premium Microbe Food 1-0-3 is a premium, organic microbial food containing a premium blend of molasses, fish hydrolysate, liquid kelp, humic acids and nutrients. Use Myco Chum from start to finish to optimize results.


Grow Better Fruit! 

The carbohydrate-rich Myco Chum allows you to yield sweeter fruits! Your favorite fruits will taste even better when growing them in healthy soil supported by the right natural supplements. 

Grow Your Plants to their Full Potential 

Each ingredient in Myco Chum was selected with a purpose. This formula provides a generous amount of macro and micronutrients to support ongoing healthier plant growth. Elevate your favorite plants to their full potential! 


  • To use, start by mixing 5 ml (1 tsp) into 1 gallon for a light feed and water into your plants. You may use up to 15 ml (1tbsp) per gallon. Do not exceed.
  • Myco Chum can also be used to brew compost tea at a rate of up to 1 tbsp per gallon. 
  • Once you’ve added the appropriate amount of Myco Chum to your plants, simply water it in, add it to your reservoir, or feed out through drip lines. It’s that simple! 


Myco Chum is made of 4 key ingredients: Molasses, Kelp, Fish Hydrolysate, and Humic Acid. 


Molasses is a sugar, sulfur, and nutrient-dense ingredient that can provide your plants with a wide spectrum of minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. The healthy microorganisms in your garden absolutely love eating sugar, and molasses can also give them an extra healthy boost! 


Kelp is an additive that provides plenty of micro-nutrients to your plants while also giving them the ability to better absorb other nutrients in the soil. It can aid in expanding root systems to ensure that your plants can access as many nearby nutrients as possible. 

Fish Hydrolysate 

Fish hydrolysate is rich in healthy bacteria and mycorrhizae. This ingredient can aid your plant’s roots in absorbing more nutrients and water in the surrounding soil to boost healthier plant growth. 

Humic Acid

Lack of nutrients, drought, and poor seed germination are all major threats to your plant’s health. By adding humic acid to the soil, you can help prevent all of these! Humic acid supports improved nutrient uptake, healthier roots, and increases your plant’s tolerance to droughts. 


To ensure maximum shelf life, store in a dry place that is between 40 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid keeping your Myco Chum in an environment with temperatures that exceed 140F. 


Remember, Myco Chum is for plants, not people! After using Myco Chum, be sure to wash your hands with soap and warm water. Avoid inhalation and eye contact with this product, and do not ingest or swallow it. 

Myco Chum® Premium Microbe Food - with Molasses, Kelp, Fish Hydrolysate and Kelp

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