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Moldex 7000 Series Half Mask Respirator

The Moldex 7000 Reusable Half Mask respirator has a lot going for it, which is why independent contractors, commercial enterprises, major industries and do-it-yourselfers all rely on the filtering half face respirator for breathing protection. For starters, the respirator is reusable, reducing your costs for respiratory protection. But the real benefits of this respirator mask are its modern design and useful features.


Take a look at what this workplace facemask offers:​​​​​​​

Built For Comfort: Well-fitting respirators mean better compliance at workplaces and that's just what you'll get when you equip your workforce with the Moldex 7000 respirator. The breathing mask is lightweight and has an extra-wide sealing area for a comfortable fit all day long. The workplace facemask is designed to provide a custom fit with no pressure points. With an adjustable head harness, a wide flange that comfortably covers the nose and mouth, and curved neck buckles, the half mask conforms to any face shape.


Durable Design: Compared to other lightweight respirators, this respiratory protection is ultra-lightweight, yet the Moldex 7000 Reusable Half Mask Respirator is sturdy and compact. The respirator passed the following durability tests at 100% performance: Strap Cycle Test, Exhale Valve Cover Cycle Tests, Cartridge Cycle Test, Shipping Test, and Accelerated Aging/Conditioning Tests where the safety mask held up to 7 days each of 160 degree F temperatures and 90% relative humidity and negative 10 degrees F and 10% relative humidity. Plus the respirator mask is 100% PVC-free.


User-Friendly Features: The Moldex 7000 respirator features a low profile that provides a wider field of vision for improved sight on the job. Plus, the half mask features make it easy to take on and off. The neck buckles attach quickly, with a switch on the strap to lock the safety mask into place. When not needed, the filtering face mask drops down and comfortably hangs around the neck. And when safety glasses or welding helmets are called for, the compactness of this Moldex respirator fits perfectly under them. But that's not all! Filters and smart cartridges easily attach to the side mounts. And the attached exhale cover makes inspections a breeze. Plus, with fewer parts, this air purifying respirator requires minimal maintenance and cleaning. When it comes to lightweight respirators, this safety facepiece is the most stylish, user-friendly and inexpensive reusable half mask respirator around!


Complying Performance: While its design meets the needs of workers, the performance of this breathing mask meets the needs of any respiratory protection program. The reusable respirator exceeds NIOSH standards for lung protection and when used with applicable smart cartridges, this air purifying respirator meets OSHA regulations for acid gas, organic vapors, formaldehyde, ammonia methylamine, and multiple gases and vapors. Add a P100 HEPA filter for lung protection against hazardous oil or non-oil based particulates like asbestos and lead, or an N95 or R95 filter to protect against harmful particulate aerosols. This safety respirator mask is the ideal personal protection equipment for environmental safety or occupational safety concerns.


Attaching smart cartridges and filters to this Moldex respirator is quick and easy, with no concerns of misthreading. The reusable respirator accommodates both a smart cartridge and a filter at the same time for complete protection against harmful odors, irritants and particles. As such, this safety facepiece is designed to perform in a wide range of environments, while meeting environmental safety regulations. Among the many job types using this breathing protection are chemical manufacturing, petroleum refining, printing, electroplating, mining, textiles, food processing, dry cleaning, aluminum processing, rubber manufacturing, embalming, and ship or boat building. The tobacco, paper, fiberglass, petrochemical, and utility industries also find the Moldex half mask respirator invaluable for protecting workers.


When it comes to respirators, workers in health services, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and perfume manufacturing, waste processing, automotive, agriculture, construction, roofing and asphalt manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, glass making and metal making find this inexpensive reusable half mask respirator the best occupational safety protection. At home, use this Moldex half mask respirator for woodworking, cementing, home remodeling, sanding, painting, welding, degreasing, cleaning and other tasks where chemical odors, respiratory irritants, or small particles or fumes are present. It's personal protection equipment you'll want in your home workshop or for allergy protection.


Exceptional Value: If you're looking for a reusable safety respirator mask that is big on comfort, great on performance, technologically advanced, easy to maintain, simple to use, looks great on, and cost-friendly, then you've found it all in the Moldex 7000 Reusable Half Mask Respirator. It's a must-have for your respiratory protection program.


Moldex 7000 Series Half Mask Respirator

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