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Bring Your Plants To Life!®

Light Warrior® Seed Starter is designed to promote an environment beneficial to seed germination and root development.  Light Warrior® Seed Starter includes soil microbes that can help enhance root efficiency and encourage nutrient uptake.  We’ve also included earthworm castings, a gentle source of nutrition for seedlings and small plants.  Use Light Warrior® Seed Starter for seed germination, cuttings and new plant starts for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.


Garden tip: Moisten Light Warrior® before you plant and allow it to drain. Never let indoor plants sit in water. Start feeding plants within five days of planting or germination. At the first sign of blooms, switch to Tiger Bloom® Liquid Plant Food. For more detailed feeding instructions, download one of our Feeding Schedules.

Light Warrior® Seed Starter

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  • How To Use:


    • Plant seeds in Light Warrior® according to seed manufacturer’s recommendations.
    • Water thoroughly and place near a light source.
    • For best results, maintain an ambient temperature of 68-75° F (20-24° C).
    • Begin feeding with Big Bloom® within 5 days.
    • Once seeds are germinated, begin feeding with Grow Big®.
    • When sprouts are fully rooted, transplant from Light Warrior® to your preferred FoxFarm Potting Soil.


    • Place cuttings or plant starts in Light Warrior®.
    • Water thoroughly and place near a light source.
    • Begin feeding with Big Bloom® within 5 days.
    • During the second week of growth use Grow Big®.
    • Once plants are thoroughly rooted, transplant into your preferred FoxFarm Potting Soil.


    • For an exceptionally light and well aerated blend, mix Light Warrior® 50/50 with Ocean Forest® or Happy Frog® Potting Soil.
    • Feed regularly with Grow Big®.

    Available Sizes:

    1 cubic foot

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