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HLG 750 Diablo commercial lamps are designed for growers who want to maximize crop yields with a grow light that offers both high intensity and high efficiency. This lamp uses 4 advanced disign Diablo Quantum Boards for an even light spread making it perfect for grow tents, flood tables and rolling benches. 

HLG 750 Diablo

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Integrated reflectors improve photon delivery resulting in better quality yields even at the lower levels of canopy. This lamp produces over 2000 PPF output with photon efficacy of 2.88 µmol/J

    Top Features

    • Over 2000 PPF output with 2.88 µmol/J photon efficacy 

    • Integrated reflectors improve PPFD levels at all levels of canopy

    • Plant-centric White spectrum with Deep Red

    • Reliable passive-cooled design

    • Dimmable power supply included

    • 5 Year Warranty



    0-715 Watts

    Voltage Range

    120-277 VAC 50-60Hz

    Flowering Footprint/ Canopy Distance

    5' x 5' / 15" - 24"

    Veg Footprint/ Canopy Distance

    6' x 6' /  36"

    System PPF Efficacy

    2.88 μmol/J

    Total output

    2056 PPF


    37.5" x 27.125" x 3.75"




    5 Years

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