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HLG 749 Rspec FR is designed for home and commercial growers looking for cost-effective lamp with high performance. Dimmable design makes it ideal for a 4x4 or 5x5 coverage in grow tents, flood tables and rolling benches. This lamp is powered by four QB272 Quantum Boards® and includes 730nm far-red along with the 660nm deep red spectrum.

HLG 749 Rspec FR

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Integrated reflectors improve photon delivery resulting in better quality yields even at the lower levels of canopy. This lamp produces over 1585 PPF output with photon efficacy of 2.5 µmol/J

    Top Features

    • Full Spectrum White with 730nm far-red and 660nm deep red

    • Integrated reflectors improve PPFD levels at all levels of canopy

    • Ideal for Flowering

    • Dimmable power supply included

    • 3 Year Warranty

    GrowFlux Information Booklet
    *An Access Point (sold separately) is required if you choose the GrowFlux wireless dimming option.



    0-633 Watts

    Voltage Range

    120-277 VAC 50-60Hz


    Full Spectrum White & FAR-RED

    Flowering Footprint/ Canopy Distance

    5' x 5' /  24"

    System PPF Efficacy

    2.50 μmol/joule

    Total output

    1585 PPF


    37.5" x 27.125" x 3.75"


    UL 8800, CSA


    3 Years



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