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Great White Granular 1 is the most affordable organic, mycorrhizal product in the marketplace. It is well-suited for use in vegetable, fruit and flower gardens. Great White Granular 1 adds beneficial microorganisms to the root zone to enhance plant vigor. It is OMRI listed as well as OIM registered.

4oz. Great White Granular 1® - Single Species Mycorrhizae

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Use on vegetables, fruits, flowers, shrubs and trees.

    Spread product at bottom of planting hole and around roots when backfilling.

    Container size Amount of Great White Granular 1®
    4″ 1 tsp
    1 gallon 2 tbsp
    5 gallon 10 tbsp
    15 gallon or larger 1 cup

    *1 tsp = 5 g
    **1 Tbsp = 15 g

    Mixing with Soil
    Mix 8 oz with 2.5 cu ft of soil or 150 g with 50 L of soil.

    Existing Plants
    Make holes 2-3 in deep and 6 in apart around the canopy of the plant. Use 1 tsp per hole for optimal performance.

    *The key is for the product to make contact with the root system.
    **It is OK to use more than the recommended rate.

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