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Garden Dreams
Coco Coir - Growing Medium

• Premium seed starting mix

• An ideal growing medium for organic applications

• Flowers, shrubs, trees, berries, fruit, vegetables, root crops, hydroponics

• Renewable, biodegradable and eco-friendly peat moss substitute

• Not produced from the destruction of peat bogs or natural wetland wildlife habitats

• Slow breakdown with excellent nutrient and water holding capacity

• Stable pH and EC

• Produces stronger plants with vigorous root system

• Hygroscopic and easy to wet without dry spots

• Excellent structure & aeration in root zone

• Promotes abundant populations of beneficial aerobic soil microorganisms


Patented Design

• Works with popular 30 gallon lawn / yard waste bags

• Fit approximately 20% more debris in each paper bag

• High water holding capacity with exceptional capillary action

• Neutral pH for optimal plant growth

• Weed free, attracts earth worms

• Promotes rapid dense root growth with yielding gardens

• Can be re-used after harvest to improve soil structure

Garden Dreams Coco Coir - Growing Medium

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