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The Sunblaster 1020 Double Thick Seedling Tray with holes is suitable for use with a range of propagation methods, including seed starting, cloning, and cuttings. Its lightweight and durable construction make it easy to move around.

Never again will your hard work and profits end up on the floor due to a flimsy tray. These trays will last and last, even in the harshest commercial environments.

SunBlaster Quad Thick Trays have fast become the growers choice for high volume micro-green and production propagation across all growing platforms.

  • Micro-Green production
  • Vegetative Starts and short term growth
  • High Volume Cloning
  • Commercial Wheat Grass Production Growers love them because they last, crop after crop, cycle after cycle.
  • These Quad Thick trays clean up quickly and easily ready for another round in no time.
    Item# 1400221

Double Thick Seedling Tray 10x20

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