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Cannatrol Cool Cure

Retain more terpenes, potency and increase yields on every harvest


From Manufacturer: When drying, curing and storing your harvest, an unstable environment and uncontrolled moisture are the enemy.

After putting so much care into the grow process – you’re only half way there. It is critical to assure flowers are dried, cured and stored in a clean, controlled environment. We take the guess work, the myths and the ‘broscience’ out of the post harvest process. The Cool Cure is designed to consistently deliver the perfect drying, curing and storage conditions for your harvest. Vaportrol® Technology creates an environmental equilibrium that protects and preserves terpenes and potency. Buds will remain sticky, supple and tasty for months and months. No shake, no overdrying – and no burping jars.Our patented Vaportrol® Technology controls the process with gentle water removal using the power of vapor pressure. Program the conditions you prefer and the length of time. Extend the cure to your liking!No burping, no maintenance. Just a really cool cure.


The Proof is in the Lab


Terpene Retention: Vaportrol Technology retained 16% more total terpenes than the traditional drying method. Specific terpenes such as Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Pinene, Myrcene, cis-ocimene, and B-Caryophyllene showed significantly higher concentrations in the Cool Cure method, with increases ranging from 6% to 23%.


Cannabinoid Preservation: While the total cannabinoids were not significantly different between the two methods, the Vaportrol system showed less decarboxylation of cannabinoids, indicating a better preservation of these compounds. Specifically, THCA, CBD, and CBC concentrations were significantly higher in the Cool Cure method, suggesting less degradation due to controlled temperature and humidity.


Environmental Stability: The study found that the traditional drying systems are subject to large environmental fluctuations, which can adversely affect flower quality. In contrast, the Vaportrol system was able to maintain more stable environmental conditions, minimizing spikes in temperature and humidity that can lead to decarboxylation and terpene loss.


Smooth and precise dry cycles

Your unit will arrive preprogrammed with default settings that have been tested and proven. The process starts with gentle, controlled water removal.  The dry cycle will run for 4 days and the cure cycle for 4 days. You have the ability to change the temperature, dew point and cycle duration based on the cultivar and your own preferences!


Perfectly controlled curing - no burping

A cure could last anywhere from 4-30 days (and beyond) depending on the cultivar and your personal preferences.  Select your temperature and dew point and the Cool Cure cures your harvest in a perfectly controlled environment for as long as you like! No burping, no maintenance.

You can customize the temperature, dew point and duration (although the factory settings are tested and proven to deliver great results).


Note that the Cool Cure will operate best at ambient room temperatures of 74 degrees and below. Wet load should not exceed 2.2 pounds.



Store and save flower, right in your unit

When you are satisfied with your cure, you can store your buds right in the unit (we use in an uncoated paper bag). The Cool Cure will hold about 4 pounds of dried buds in perfect condition for months to come (…just another reason to get a second unit).


Our Cool Cure units are built in Vermont by Vermonters.  We build the units by hand in our workshop and then run quality testing to assure every unit is working perfectly before shipment.  We know that your Cool Cure will change the way you think about Drying, Curing and Storage.


Cannatrol Cool Cure

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