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BuildASoil Nutrient Kit - Official ClackamasCoots Style 8lb

*from the manufacturer:

This Recipe is inspired by and credited to Mr. "ClackamasCoots" aka "LumperDawgz"

I have always wanted to offer a nutrient kit in the style of ClackamasCoots. This nutrient kit is proven. It works because it is such a simple and affordable starting point to base your soil from. 


Nutrient Kits Include:

(Use at 2.5 Cups Per cubic foot of soil or about 5-6 Tablespoon per gallon of soil)

1. Crustacean Meal - Crab and Shrimp

2. Kelp Meal - Thorvin Brand Ascophyllum Nodosum

3. Neem Cake/Karanja Cake - 70/30 Premium Organic Neem Cake Imported from India (West Coast Horticulture or Neem Resource)

4. Milled Malted Barley Organic 2 Row 

(Our recipe is based on 1/2 cup per cubic foot with each ingredient and Milled Malted Barley at 1 cup per cubic foot)

BuildASoil Nutrient Kit - Official ClackamasCoots Style

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