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bio365 BIOGREENS 1.5cu ft bag - Blend of Fine Coir, Fine Peat, & Fine Perlite


bio365™ BIOGREENS™ - A fine grade blend of peat, coco and perlite. Contains Bio Charge® biology + bio Core® Biochar + bioavailable nutrients. An engineered propagation mix made entirely indoors and compost-free, BIOGREENS™ is a nutrient-dense and biologically active mix designed for leafy greens and microgreens. It contains up to five weeks of organic, bioavailable nutrients with plenty of nitrogen. BIOGREENS™ is uncompressed, evenly hydrated, and ready-to-use. The fine peat and perlite ensure excellent seed contact for class-leading germination rates while ensuring it will flow easily and evenly through automated propagation processes and machinery. Suitable for both organic or salt-based feeding regimens. Made in the USA.


  • Guaranteed Analysis : 0.45-0.18-0.40
  • BIOGREENS™ is available in 1.5cu ft Bags and 4-Yard Super Sacks
  • Manufactured and stored 100% indoors and compost-free in bio365's controlled-environment production facilities.
  • Multi-patented technologies provide high-performance organics that minimize pest and pathogen pressures.

bio365 BIOGREENS 1.5cu ft bag

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