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Introducing Amino-Cal Boost! Filled with Non-GMO Soy Amino Powder and  highly micronized specialty Gypsum. It's nature's trick to ensure your plants get that 11% Calcium with the Amino touch, making absorption swift and efficient! 


🔍 Did you know? Calcium is the superstar mineral in the soil. So, whether you're a gardening newbie or a seasoned pro, we recommend keeping a bag of Amino-Cal Boost close by. 

NPK content of 7-0-0 and 11% Ca


Directions For Use 

  • In Veg: Use 1 ounce per gallon of water. Perfect for both foliar or drench. 
  • For Flowering Plants: Go with 1/2 ounce per gallon of water. Simple and effective! 

 Key Features & Benefits 

  • HIGHLY SOLUBLE: Boost those nutrient levels in a jiffy! 
  • READILY AVAILABLE: A water-soluble mix of nitrogen and calcium that plants will love and immediately take in. 
  • APPLIED FOLIAR OR FERTIGATE: Direct goodness for your plants at crucial moments. 
  • CONTAINS AMINO ACIDS: With a high carbon/nitrogen ratio, these amino acids are here to feed both the plant and the tiny micro-organisms! 
  • NON-GMO SOY PROTEIN: All-natural soy protein ensures it's organic-approved and kind to Mother Nature. 

Get your hands on Amino-Cal Boost today and let your plants experience the difference! 


Amino-Cal Boost 1lb

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