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Airline Tubing

Standard 3/16-inch diameter tubing for use with bubblers, aquarium ornaments or air stones. Tubing is soft & ultra-pliable and great for all your Aquarium and Hydroponic airline needs. Stands up to wear without kinking and cracking and will never become brittle over time.

Check Valves

One-way check valve for most common aquarium air pumps. Install the check valve in your airline, outside of the water to prevent backflow siphoning of water through the tubing and into your air pump during a power outage. It’s considered a very economical way of not only protecting your expensive equipment but also preventing any chance of possible flooding. All valves are clearly marked with the “flow direction” for easy and error-free installation. Made of durable plastic and designed to fit most common 3/16” I.D. aquarium airline tubing. 

They’re the perfect device to avoid getting water into your air pump when doing water changes or when the power is interrupted.

Airline Tubing 5 Meters

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