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Final Phase clearing flush solution removes excess hydroponic nutrients, heavy metals and pollutants from your plants' root zone. 

When you use Advanced Nutrients Final Phase it forces your plants to consume all of the internal nutrients that have been stored in their tissues. After those nutrients are utilized you end up with the natural taste and scent that nature intended.

Final Phase contains Citric Acid Chelate, Free Form EDTA Chelate and Magnesium Sulphate which makes it one of the most powerful, most full-spectrum plant flushing formula that's safe for you to use in your indoor garden.

Flushing of your edible plants is also important to your personal health as it removes chemical fertilizer and heavy metal residues which can build up in your body to create medical problems.

When you want to eliminate all chemical taste in your produce, Final Phase is a great solution.

Use Final Phase during the last two or three weeks before harvest.

Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish 1L

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